You Can't Even Get the End of the World Right

by The Privileges

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After an introduction, some love songs. Then we meet some adventurers, then the defeated. Paranoia bubbles, but something like peace eventually reigns.


released September 11, 2012

Made by Eliza Cunning, John Haze, Matthew Z, Paul Olivo

But if anything sounds good, it's probably thanks to:
Denis Lundy-drums, percussion
Tyler Wahl-computer stuff, percussion
Kendra Balfour-guitars, keyboards, piano
Holden Smaira-computer stuff, drums, piano, percussion
Bennet Kelley-drums, percussion, guitar
Vivianne Goodman-upright bass

All characters, narrators, and situations are fictitious.

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The Privileges Ohio

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Track Name: Cut and Paste
Remember when? All sweet. On the sands. Of all night. Elegant. No haste. Eye to eye, pulse to pulse, heart to heart even apart. Never harsh, never try, never apart. Never a lie.
Track Name: Opposites Attract
I'm ugly in a pretty way. You're pretty in an ugly way. Do you really want to take a risk? Make a future out of this? I'm dust but for my big head. You're rich but nearly dead. We mate like rats. Paula was right, opposites attract.
Track Name: Second Prayer
I don't need no shepherd. I ain't no sheep. My radical system will save me, or so I pray before I sleep. We all need support when put to the rod, and I just found out my savior is as dead as my god. You're so sure, that I must laugh and roll a joint with a Bible page. My system has washed me clean and pure, except for the fear and rage the we all must face the cosmic firing squad. And I just found out my savior is as dead as my god.
Track Name: Blame it On Me
I loves ya so much, honeybunch, baby. I'm your Nintendo boy and you know I'm always game, but ever since the abortion things haven't been the same. You say that you were forced, you had already picked a name. Well, that's love for you baby. But for the sake of love, I'll take the blame. Just this once. I'm your Ryan Gosling fake and you're my classy dame. I'm so hot that's why my kisses hurt you like a scalding flame. Well, you signed the contract: You've given me you to maim. C'est la love. But for the sake of love, I'll take the blame.
Track Name: Anderson's Third Eye
When he came into our land to rape and civilize, Anderson had no idea what was sleeping between his eyes. He told us of some sacrifice, he told us of clocks and pants. We gave him a sacred cup to drink, and he stripped and led us in a dance. We couldn't guess the horrors that lie deep in that man's soul. The next morning we shrugged and put Anderson into his final hole.
Track Name: Another Incognito Adventure
Only ten more miles. Savages to tame. We brought along our metals and a book of new names. A tree I couldn't name fell. Ten savages arrived with miles to tame. Then a bug I've never seen landed on my arm. It stung and sucked. I swooned and went lame. Ten savages metal tree bug miles fellllskdacmasl .. . . .
Track Name: Call Me Saint
In Neon Town where I was born no fair maid was dwelling, all cursed with awful urge. And I cursed with none. Call me saint. I slay dragons in their taxicabs for the love of no one, stab after stab. My many miracles are about what's not--not seen or done. I'm the bloodline clot. Call me saint.
Track Name: Let's Go to the Movies
Romance, mystery, a hero jumping fires, and at the end we get the crawl of a long list of liars. Because after the show on the garish street a real seemed a little less real to me, as if someone snuffed out the luminosity. It all ended with a well-aimed shot. Me, I can't even find my own plot.
Track Name: Meet Fate
"Walk straight on this crooked line and then recite all the alphabet backwards." "Please sir just let me go. I had to crawl out of my dark hovel, hit the town, and whoops I got wasted. All to meet my true love." "Get into the black and white. You have met your destiny tonight."
Track Name: Weep the Vote
I got a bad feeling they're gonna fuck it up good. I'm not the least surprised. I voted them in though I knew they would. These are my blues, and dear lord I won't lose these blues. I got a bad feeling they're gonna fuck it up good. I'd vote out the WTO (if I only could).
Track Name: Rosy Fingered Bomb
Chill out dude, don't think so much. So what? We'll all be toast come lunch. When dawn breaks the rosy fingered bomb will make your worries seem so wrong. So long to sad days.
Track Name: Music Sucks Me Dry
I can't stand the marching beat, the same three chords, the same lyrical themes. To no avail comes the avant-garde--to make it so easy, to listen so hard. Music sucks me dry. Yeah yeah. (To quote Georgie Fame.) Yeah yeah. Hey Frank Schubert--my god, my demon--you twist my mood for no reasonable reason. Sonic vibrations manipulated--that's all it takes to stir the passions. So ashamed I can't drop the needle. So ashamed I still have a favorite Beatle. So ashamed when I scratch the rash. I've been damned to love this trash. I've been damned. Music sucks me dry.